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Mid Century House, Modern Living!

Updated: May 15, 2020

*Sponsored Post*

Over the weekend, we installed the Ecosmart Mini I generously sent to us by Ecosmart US

We may love that mid-century vibe, but we love modern conveniences all the way! Living in a mid-century home does have its challenges. Among them is the constant wait for the hot water heater from our lower floor to get to us on our upper floor, which is where we spend almost all of our time. We use our kitchen sink all day long, from washing our hands, rinsing dog bowls, as well as washing a few loads of dishes every day. And lately while we've been sheltering at home, our use of our faucet has increased exponentially.

Water conservation is important to me, so letting the water run while waiting for the water to heat up has been a concern of mine. However, after a pretty simple install that took us only a few hours over the weekend, we now have eliminated the wait time for hot water to reach us, thanks to the Ecosmart Mini!

It's compact enough that it fits nicely under our sink and it holds a generous 1.5 gallon of water. After tapping into our water line under our sink, and simply plugging it into our 120 volt outlet, we were good to go.

And watch for more details! :

Watch our install video to see just how easy the Ecosmart Mini is to install!

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