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Spring One Room Challenge: Week 1-Outdoor Area Overhaul-Trash-tastic to Fantastic!

Updated: May 18, 2020

Hello0000, welcome to my blog, and welcome to our plans for the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge, media sponsor, Better Homes and Gardens! We had a lot of fun participating last Fall,(Link to my Instagram Reveal Here) and thinking this year will be even more fun, since I'll be participating through my blog for the first time!

Unfortunate circumstances of trees falling in our woods has us making the difficult decision to nix our meditation space plans for this ORC. We just don't want to go through the effort of building a structure, only with it being damaged in a windstorm from more falling trees, and I don't think building a flat platform is ideal, since I do have an area I sit on already in the woods!

So...this brings us to a new plan-we are tackling our embarrassing side yard against the house that has been needing some TLC, as well as some areas in our front yard that need a little zhuzh-ing!

We have been wanting to build a garbage can enclosure for years, because this area is super embarrassing and I feel sorry for our neighbors who have to look at it!! So we have some plans for a garbage can enclosure, as well as creating some new shade garden beds against the house.

I also want to build a bench for a sitting area (This will be my first time DIYing on my own, and I'm terrified but excited, but feel good that Kevin will be there for any questions I may have!), and maybe add in a garden sculpture to draw your eye instead of me wanting to distract from this particular area!

We'll be rummaging through our existing woodpile, furniture, and building materials to see what we have so we can save on cost. I can't wait to see what we find to use, haha!

So here are some before shots and a little video tour, and a mood board. Thank you so much for following along these next 8 weeks. I'll be posting weekly updates here every Thursday. This project will hopefully be a fun one and I will be so excited to finally not be embarrassed anytime I see our neighbors walking past our side yard! Go check out the other participants this round. I'm so excited to follow along with everybody's progress and their reveals. Go check out Week 1 here!


Front side yard behind our fence. These stumps have been sitting here since last Summer, so they'll be chopped up and put in our firewood holder-finally. I want to create a little seating area here with a bench and maybe a sculpture to draw your eye to this space:

Andddd behind our gate: YIKES!!!! Sorry neighbors!! Building an enclosure for trash cans and for storing other items and adding in a shade garden against the house.

Some video:

Mood Board:

Mood Board credits:

Shade plant inspiration

Garden Art Inspiration

Bench Inspiration

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