• Audrey

ORC: Week 3-Delay of Game

So it's link up time for week 3 of the One Room Challenge! And for us, it involved more rock removal and digging up rotted stumps so we can lay down topsoil and get our mondo grass pips planted. You can see from the above photo, that we did get the hill completely cleared from the cotton easter that was planted here before! Mondo will be filling that in and I'm excited to add some year round green in front of the house!

The rain has returned and it's put a damper(haha) on our progress and I hurt my neck while shoveling rock, so we are going to have to play major catch up in week 4!

I've been researching plants that could thrive against the side of the house. This area gets more sun than I thought, so a shade garden actually won't work. If anyone has any ideas for low maintenance plants that do well in full sun, please let me know!

Make sure to check out other progress One Room Challenge particpants here! Onward to week 4!

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