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It's not easy being (the right) green

I've been wanting to add more green to our interior spaces, to help blur the line of indoors and out, and bring the greenery of our forest into the interior of our home. Our dining room has previously been white, then black, then back to white. Since our dining room has a direct view of our garden and the forest beyond, and I've been seeing such lovely shades of green in interiors lately, I'm ready to hop onboard the green train! And I also found a light fixture that I've been wanting for years when I was out thrifting recently. It's amazing how changing the wall color and light fixture can change up the feel of our dining room!

Our dining room has gone through many transformations over the years!

This is what it looked like right after we moved in:

Then over the years a change of paint color, credenzas, and light fixtures...

And here is a stunning inspiration photo for the feel I am wanting. The wood tone here is similar to our dining set and I love how lovely this wood tone looks paired with this olive green.:

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