DIY Laundry Room Shelving With The Hairpin Leg Company

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Woo Hoo!  Our laundry room overhaul is almost completely finished.  One of the last decisions we had to make in this room was what type of shelving we would have above the laundry machines.  We wanted something clean and minimal but functional enough to hold various laundry items(Laundry tabs and dryer sheets, etc.).  So when The Hairpin Leg Company contacted me to try their prism shelf supports, we enthusiastically agreed!  The Hairpin Leg Company  ships worldwide, and they provide quick and easy shipping.  When the shelf supports arrived, we were pleasantly surprised with how sturdy and well made they are, not to mention minimal, modern, and beautiful!  Most importantly, they are able to handle the weight of our twenty pound piece of maple shelving beautifully.  Installation was incredibly easy.

DIY Steps to Installing A Laundry Room Shelf with Prism Shelf Brackets

First, Kevin measured the height we would like the shelf to be. Then he used a stud finder to locate the studs to screw the shelf supports into for maximum sturdiness. 

       Next, he screwed the prism shelf support brackets directly into the wall and used a level to make sure they were both at the exact same height.

Last,  he laid the maple shelf on top, and screwed the supports into the shelf.  And voila, instant, easy, and beautiful shelving to hold all of our laundry room needs! 

I”ll be posting a full laundry room update later in the week, along with details on installing our tile backsplash, and plywood wrap, so be sure to check in again.  We are excited to mark this room as “Done!”  For now, check out a few more photos of our beautiful new shelf. I love how the prism brackets complement the lines of our backsplash tile!